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The InnoWomEnt Project included a Transnational Entrepreneurial Internship Program that took place concurrently at I3P - Incubatore Imprese Innovative del Politecnico di Torino S.c.p.a., Technopark Gliwice and Politecnico di Torino. Twelve female engineering students from Bursa Technical University have been placed in international start-ups for an internship period of 6 weeks. These students were selected based on their scientific, language and social skills, through series of interviews. During their internship abroad, the students have been mentored and trained to improve their entrepreneurial, linguistic and soft skills.



Mechanical engineering student

Throughout the internship I have had the chance to put my engineering skills in practice. The assignments given have advanced our creativity and research skills. I had the opportunity to observe and practice work discipline. Communicating with the founders and employees of the company had given me an insight about every growth stage of a start-up. We have proven female competence in male dominated technological fields by performing the tasks given during the internship in the best possible way.


Internship completed at EMT-Systems sp. z o.o. Centrum Szkoleń Inżynierskic 

Technopark Gliwice



Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Student


During my internship at Sudhara Polska, I have gained knowledge about quality engineering, standards that are used by car parts producing companies and inspections they  have to pass. Working at an international environment obliged me to improve my English while putting my engineering skills in practice. During my time abroad, I had to chance to observe and understand different cultures and their perspectives. With this internship program, I became more assertive in communicating and socializing with people from different cultures. I also witnessed that the role of women in economic, political fields and other spheres of social life is changing rapidly. Sudhara Polska is a success of a wonderful female entrepreneur. Witnessing her achievements closely have shown me that women can no longer be prevented from contributing to economy by establishing their own businesses.

Internship completed at Sudhara Polska

Technopark Gliwice



Mechatronics Engineering Student

The engineering education and theoretical knowledge I gained at school helped me comprehend the objectives of the tasks given. EMT engineers trained us on engineering programs and practical skills demanded by the industry to help us complete our tasks. This internship in a different country and culture, allowed me to observe different engineering approaches, practice my English and aided in my personal development. I had the chance to talk and learn from experiences of the founder of EMT. Now, I am aware of the risks I might encounter in my business life and know how to cope with them.


Internship completed at EMT-Systems sp. z o.o. Centrum Szkoleń Inżynierskich

Technopark Gliwice



Civil Engineering Student


My expererience at the Polish Green Building Council led me to understand and accept responsibility to improve life for future generations in a sustainable way. The ecological problems such as global war ming, climate change, thirst, environmental pollution and rapid depletion of natural resources makes green buildings – once a luxury - a necessity. By this internship, I travelled and lived alone for the first time in my life. I advanced both in academic and personal level. Seeing that I can stand on my feet in a different country has increased my self-confidence. Besides, working among people from different cultural backgrounds with unique perspectives have helped me gain a new vision for life and my future. Now, I think and aim green for our future.


Internship completed at Polskie Stowarzyszenie Budownictwa Ekologicznego

(PLGBC – Polish Green Building Council)

Technopark Gliwice



Chemical Engineering Student


Thanks to my internship at ATM, I have gained knowledge on computer programs used for designing machines and had chance to make various drawings with these software. I understood the importance of organizational skills, work discipline and efficient use of time. I believe the success of this company lies in sincere communication and friendship among employees. I observed people greeting each other most sincerely every morning when they arrive at work. This internship program have given me the confidence, encouragement and training to think of starting my own venture when I graduate, instead of searching for jobs.


Internship completed at Advanced Technology Machines sp. z o.o. sp.k.

Technopark Gliwice



Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Student


Thanks to my internship at SYSDEV, I had the opportunity to gain information on structural and environmental monitoring, which is totally new to me. As Turkey is located in an earthquake region, the measures to be taken against earthquakes must be studied more effectively. Now, I know that environmental monitoring is extremely important in planning for future and taking precautions. I would really like to help my country plan its future and ‘keep an eye on our world’. 


Internship completed at SYSDEV Srl


F (90).jpg


Chemical Engineering Student

Through my internship at SLH I have seen real-life applications of processes and reactors that I was taught at school. I witnessed that science can unite people from different cultures and backgrounds on a common ground. I learned that in order to achieve success, I must fight troubles with perseverance and never give up. This internship experience has helped me understand that a women can achieve anything if she sets her mind to it and believes in herself. Therefore, I would really like more female students to benefit from this program and learn to stand on their own feet.


Internship completed at SLH S.r.l




Environmental Engineering Student


Monitoring amount of precipitation is very important in terms of taking measures  against overflow, drought and flood. My internship at Waterview had given me insight on monitoring, estimation and calculation of rainfall density by from photographic data. At Waterview, I was impressed by the work discipline which inspired everyone to work harder. The program gave us a chance test our scientific and soft skills, such as foreign lang  uage proficiency, and improve them. At our regular meetings with Norberto Patrignani from I3P, we looked into achievements of female entrepreneurs in technological fields and those success stories have given me the motivation and self-belief to pursue my goals.


Internship completed at Waterview S.R.L.




Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Student


During my internship at Beond, I had the chance to work on physical and microst  ructural properties of materials, design and development processes, and market analysis of products. I have closely witnessed the transformation of innovative ideas into commercial products. This real-life experience helped me realize that success is not related to gender, but hard work and self-motivation. Through this internship program, I understood the importance of approaching the problems from different angles to reach rapid solutions.

Internship completed at Beond S.r.l


F (49).JPG


Civil Engineering Student


During my internship at Enerbrain, I realized the importance of smart and sustainable construction. We all need to retrench our energy consumption or use it most efficiently to save our resources. As I feel responsible for the well-being of my planet I decided to pursue a career focused on building and designing energy efficient structures. This internship program gave me new horizons by introducing me to new people and environments.


Internship completed at ENERBRAIN




Chemical Engineering Student

My internship at the Technology Transfer and Industrial Liaison Department of Politecnico di Torino  had given me the great advantage of working as a volunteer at the European Innovation Academy 2017. European Innovation Academy is a 2-weeks long intensive program that brings entrepreneurs and students together for a world-class mentorship. I had the opportunity to attend seminars given by world-known entrepreneurs. I was held responsible for the international platform. Being able to help people from all around the world has improved my self-confidence. I witnessed that every task could be tackled with ease, when you work with a team spirit.  I had the opportunity to work with a very dynamic, responsible, helpful and professional team. The team had been extremely patient with me and tried their best to ensure that I learn as much as possible.


Internship completed at the Technology Transfer and Industrial Liaison Department (TRIN)

Politecnico di Torino



Chemical Engineering Student


During my time at EnerPaper, I was informed about the production of insulation material from wastes. I had the chance to see the production process of Italy's oldest cardboard manufacturing factory, Cartiera Dell'Adda. I witnessed and adapted to the intensive work of young entrepreneurs. I believe that a society could progress only if women gain their economic freedom and take their part in fields of science and technology. In this sense, girls must be encouraged to become entrepreneurs and given special trainings. The trainings we received at this internship program has taught me the steps to follow in order to establish an innovative company and realize my dreams.


Internship completed at EnerPaper S.r.l.


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