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Women Entrepreneurs, I3P,  Norberto Patrignani 

Introduction to Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights,  Politecnico di Torino, Marta Molinero 

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How patents work: basics of patent protection systems,  Politecnico di Torino, Marta Molinero 

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Programs on entrepreneurship for students and researchers at Politecnico di Torino,  Politecnico di Torino,  Daniele Pierobon 

Can we teach entrepreneurship?, I3P,  Norberto Patrignani 

The Role of Incubators for Entrepreneurs and Responsible Innovation, I3P, Norberto Patrignani

The evolution of Technology Transfer Offices. The Politecnico di Torino’s experience,  Politecnico di Torino,  Daniele Pierobon

Co-working, networking and sharing economy business models, Politechnika Slaska, Slawomir Olko 

The Innovation Ecosystem, I3P,  Norberto Patrignani 

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Invention, Innovation and Idea Generation for Start-ups, Bursa Technical University,  Miranda Karjagdiu Çolak

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Humanizing the value proposition through building an entrepreneurial story,  Bursa Technical University,  Miranda Karjagdiu Çolak

Building and Leading Teams,  Bursa Technical University, Kader Mutlu

Cross-disciplinary inspirations and knowledge management for entrepreneurs, Technopark Gliwice, Michal Jasienski 

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Innovator’s DNA: psychological profile of an innovative entrepreneur, Technopark Gliwice, Magdalena Rzeznik 

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Managing innovative thinking for teams and for lonely entrepreneurs, Technopark Gliwice, Michal Jasienski 

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Seed fund as the way of supporting  start-ups, Technopark Gliwice,  Judyta Grzebniewska  

Technopark's role in supporting entrepreneurs,  Technopark Gliwice, Natalia Grabek 


TRIZ in business: principles of creative thinking in engineering may be useful for entrepreneurs, Technopark Gliwice, Michal Jasienski 

Business models for women entrepreneurs: the universal importance of building external and internal relationships,  Technopark Gliwice, Magdalena Rzeznik 

New Turkish Patent Legislations,  Bursa Technical University,  Miranda Karjagdiu Çolak


Open Innovation: connecting startups with real companies,  I3P, Norberto Patrignani

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How technology transfers offices function and supports entrepreneurs,   Politecnico di Torino, Marta Nervo

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Introduction of Small And Medium Enterprises Development Organization,  KOSGEB Bursa, Barış Alural


Entrepreneur Support Plan - How to prepare business model for application &  R&D (Innovative) Entrepreneur Support Program,  KOSGEB Bursa, Barış Alural


Initiatives for women and student entrepreneurship,  Politecnico di Torino, Marta Nervo

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Status of women and women entrepreneurs in Italy, I3P, Norberto Patrignani

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Status of women and women entrepreneurs in Poland,  Technopark Gliwice, Magdalena Rzeznik &  Michal Jasienski

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Status of women and women entrepreneurs in TurkeyBursa Technical University, Kader Mutlu

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